Welcome to TGX Reptiles!

Our goal is to share our love of reptiles (specifically Ball Pythons) through education and producing top-quality animals for sale to the public. We hope that anyone who stops by our page will leave with a little more information than they had before and maybe a better appreciation for these amazing animals!

We produce a variety of ball python morphs, with the hopes that anyone who wishes to own a ball python can get set up without a huge financial outlay. Whether your favorite ball python is a Classic “Wild Type” Ball Python or a high-end, multi-gene morph, we strive to have the right animal to fit you.

All the animals shown on our website are from our collection, no stock animals here. We care for all the animals in our care the same way, it doesn’t matter if they are staying with us, or if they’re going to be headed to a new family.

After your new animal goes home with you, we are here to answer any questions that may arise with the goal of educating and enhancing your experience with your animal. If it’s tomorrow or 5 years down the road, we are a resource for you.