About TGX Reptiles

We (Jim and Helen Breen) originally started TGX Reptiles back in 2007 with a small collection. Unfortunately, life happened, and we stepped back from the reptile world, but never lost our passion and knew that someday we would get actively back into Ball Pythons. In 2020, TGX Reptiles, LLC (TGX 2.0) was started and today, we have 70 ball pythons with a focus on VPI Axanthics, Desert Ghosts, Clowns, Piebalds, and Albinos.

On the non-reptile front, we are both Marine Corps Veterans and have been married for 29 years. We have two adult children, a bonus son and a grandson who we think is the cutest on the planet! In addition to our ball pythons, we also have 2 dogs - Skye & Luna, 2 cats - Pudge & Star, and a Crested Gecko named Filbert.